The Capra team takes part in one competition per year, IGVC (Intellegent Ground Vehicle Competition).  For 4 years, the team also went to the  ION Automow competition.

What is IGVC?

The competition, organized by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) will be at its 19th edition in 2012. It consists of three separate challenges: Autonomy in an unknown environment with GPS navigation, vehicle design and JAUS, a communication protocol.

Auto-Nav Challenge

The robot has to follow a path, without human assistance, that is filled with obstacles.  It must also reach predefined GPS waypoints. The course is unknown by the robot. It uses its camera to follow the lines that designate the path and, using its laser measurement system, it detects obstacles such as cones, barriers or fences to navigate around them.

Design Competition

A report of the robot design is produced and the team does an oral presentation in front of a jury about the features, innovations and evolutions of the robot.


Offered as a competition for only a few years, the last competition requires teams to incorporate the communication protocol JAUS, designed by the U.S. Army, in the code of the robot. If the code is well implemented, judges are able to remotely control the robot via a wireless network.

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