Become a member

We are always recruiting! You are looking for new challenges and are wondering what to do of your free time? You want to gain experience and have fun? You are the person that we need!

For more details or just to chat, come see us at the A-1746 or send us a email at Capra is a youg and dynamic team that leaves place to ideas of everyone!

We are currently looking for people to do the following tasks:

Mechanical team
Design and fabrication of the robot frame.
Choice of materials.
Design and fabrication of the suspension.
Design and fabrication of composite modules.
Finite element analysis.
Innovation research.

Electrical team
Design of PCBs and electric schemas.
Choice of the electrical components of the robots.

Software/IT team
Developpement of artificial intelligences (AI), robotic vision systems and autonomous navigation systems.
Communication with sensors, motors and other peripherals.
Network management and Linux server management.
Website maintenance, graphic design and video editing.

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